What To Expect When You Take A Private Pilot Course

You'll need to take an approved private pilot course before you can get your pilot's license. The course involves ground training as well as flight hours. You'll need a minimum amount of hours to take your license exam, but you can take as many hours of training that you need to feel comfortable flying and taking the test.

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Preparing For Your First Solo Flight

The first part of your training takes the longest because you have a lot to learn before you can take your first solo flight. You'll need to learn airplane terminology and the theory of flight. You'll learn about the instruments in the plane as well as basic meteorology and how weather affects flying.

You'll learn how airports function and how air space works. You'll also be taught about radio communications and basic flying skills. In addition, you'll learn FAA regulations so you'll be safe while flying and so you can pass your license exam.

Learning More Advanced Flight Skills

During this phase of your training, you'll accumulate flight hours. Some flights will be supervised and some will be solo. You'll learn how to take cross-country flights and how to fly at night. This phase of your training teaches you all you need to know about different flying conditions within the scope of your private pilot license.

You might work at your own pace and take as many flight hours as you need to feel comfortable with your skills and flying in different weather conditions, at night, and for long distances. You won't be rushed through your private pilot course since your safety is important and the school wants to make sure you'll be confident and safe flying under all conditions.

Testing And Licensing

At different points during your private pilot course, your instructor will test your knowledge and flight skills. This prepares you for taking the written test and flight exam that are needed to obtain your license. You may be given a mock test that's similar to what you'll go through when you take your licensing exam so you'll know what to expect.

By the time this phase of your private pilot course is over, you should have all the knowledge, confidence, and skills needed to take the FAA private pilot licensing exam. You need to pass the written exam first. If you fail it, you can take the test again after you've taken additional classes to help you pass.

The main part of the FAA test is the check ride or flight test that's given after the written test. You might only fail a single part of this test, and if that happens, you might be allowed to retest by taking the entire test or by testing the part you failed the first time.

When you've passed both tests, you'll receive your private pilot license and you can fly solo by renting or buying a plane.